Elementary Group has spent time with hundreds of business leaders over the years, from varied industries and backgrounds. The single most notable struggle mentioned by these successful people is the struggle to manage all of life’s dimensions – the complex, the scary, the ambiguous. “Business is great, but my home life is not,” many say, as if the way you run your professional and personal lives are different. They don’t have to be separate philosophies, and LifePlan can help you reach your full, collective potential.

LifePlan creates action to:

  Discover Your Innate Talents
  Clarify Your Life Vision and Purpose
  Align Your Work and Home Life
  Create Personal Accountability Tools

”This process gave me an opportunity to course-correct – to put myself on a path that better reflects what I’m here for. Bill not only facilitates that process, but lives it to the core. His past work brings invaluable experience: strategy, organization, purpose. LifePlan helps you help yourself.”

-Vice President
Market Research Firm

Ex:// Personalized LifePlan

LifePlans are often best crafted in a one-on-one, personal retreat format. Typically done over 2 days, this guided discovery session essentially defines – and puts action – to your four life domains:

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Day 1: Perspective

Understanding your life story / Defining your talents

Day 2: Initiative

Putting action to your goals / Infusing accountability

Designing Your Life from the Core

Written by Bill Roesch, Elementary Group

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