While operations is often the most unruly area of business, it also has the greatest potential to drive actionable success. StratOp is a time tested, process-driven planning system that links strategy with action. Designed in 1972 by Tom Paterson, StratOp and its’ Paterson Process brings greater clarity on all facets of strategy and operations - your vision, your secret sauce and the alignment of your people.

StratOp creates action to:

  Achieve Convergent Thinking
  Operate More Whole-istically
  Streamline People & Teams

You Can Transform Your Planning Process

How Elementary Group can guide your organization toward its future vision and design a holistic plan to get you where you want to be.

Written by Bill Roesch, Elementary Group

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StratOp Phases

StratOp is for leaders who have vision but come up a little short on execution. It’s a six phase process-based approach to strategy, operations and finance and it allows leaders to get (& stay) connected as a team.

Ex:// Overview of the Paterson Process Phases



Where are we now? With a variety of tools we work to gain a clear understanding of all the key strategic, operational and financial issues. The knowledge gained here is critical to creating a focused and measurable plan.



Where are we headed? With a rich understanding of the organization you are now able to build a detailed plan that harvests the thinking of all key leaders. It’s comprehensive and leverages the competitive advantages you possess.



What important now? With the core plan in place, you create the necessary action to put the plan into motion. You define key objectives, who’s responsible and when they need to be completed.



What form is needed? With this strategic operating plan in place you can assess how well you’re structured to execute. This is the place where you define what seats should be on the bus.



How are we doing? With the plan in motion, you need to take stock of how well your executing. We get you positioned to manage initiatives, performance drivers and other critical path issues.



What needs to change? With StratOp you learn to adapt to the changing world around you and to adjust your plan to stay relevant. In any plan renewal you access your assumptions, respond to changing condition and create new initiatives for another successful year.