It is no surprise that your finances and operations are the backbone of your business. It is a surprise, however, to find that these are two areas often lacking focus within a business. Over two decades of experience are poured into the FinOp plan by Elementary Group, so you can leverage financial operations to improve profitability.

FinOp creates action to:

  Align Capital Structure and Budgets
  Streamline Operating Expenses
  Guide Cash Flow and Spending

“Make sure that the most important things you measure are the most important things you manage.”


Ex:// Financial and Operations Consulting

While each engagement is custom, FinOp consulting can help you increase performance on many levels – in a very short period of time. Areas of focus include:

workflow-response-customer-demand-icon1 workflow-response-customer-demand-icon2
Workflow response
to customer demand
ability-to-develop-new-capabilities-icon1 ability-to-develop-new-capabilities-icon2
Ability to develop
new capabilities
performance-measurement-indicators-icon1 performance-measurement-indicators-icon2
measurement indicators
company-wide-operating-processes-icon1 company-wide-operating-processes-icon2
operating processes
leadership-decision-making-icon1 leadership-decision-making-icon2
trajectory-pricing-and-revenues-icon1 trajectory-pricing-and-revenues-icon2
Trajectory of pricing
and revenues