Strategic planning retreats are often a fundamental piece for making sense of your realities and focusing your future plan – a process often skipped by organizations because it requires stewardship and efficient use of the time. Together with Elementary Group, your plan can be made clear within 3 days – and within 6 weeks, it can be fully operational.

Strategic Planning
Creates Action TO:

  Manage the Whole
  Increase Accountability
  Leverage Collective Thoughts
  Align People & Teams
  Clarify Your Vision

Why a retreat?


Experience shows that strategic plans cannot be made in silos, but emerge from a socratic process in which your team leaders are encouraged to freely debate, offer true insights, actively participate and plan together.


The retreat format is simply a tactic to isolate your leaders in a comfortable and collaborative setting that lends to generating clear thinking – and the first steps of sustainable action.

ex: // A typical Retreat Agenda


Day 1: Perspective

An open forum that harvests critical strategic and operational information needed for a comprehensive and effective plan.

Day 2: Planning

Connecting and extrapolating key perspectives to create your core strategic operating plan.

Day 3: Action

Defining and outlining the required actions that guarantee your key strategies are set in motion



1–3 DAYS

  • Build perspective and gather critical strategic, operational and financial information
  • Create your core strategic operating plan
  • Define and outline required goals and actions
  • Build accountability amongst your team

4 weeks

  • Organizational structuring
  • Systems and processes
  • People and leadership development
  • Managing the plan, key performance drivers/constraints and action plans

Launch Review
1–2 DAYS

  • Scrub and review detailed project plans
  • Analyze project timelines and constraints
  • Project budget alignment and approval
  • Plan launch and installation

Typical Strategic Planning Deliverables

Implementation ready “action-playbook”

Core strategies and unique differentiators

One Page Strategic Operating Plan

Leadership thinking wavelength

Profile of significant company turning points

Patterns and trends (internal and external)

Detailed business profile

Core strategic, operational and financial assumptions

Primary customer discovery

Mission statement

Core Values

Detailed vision and goal setting