Leadership development from Elementary Group helps you become more intentional in the way you lead and run your organization. The methods to manage better are proven – through our own experiences running businesses and the countless examples of business leaders who have grown exponentially. No pie in the sky philosophies for your business challenges. No “soapbox and software” remedies. Just actionable thinking that helps you plan for and control success.

Leadership development creates action to:

  Connect individual action to a bigger purpose
  Build stronger colleagues and relationships
  Match people with roles/positions
  Identify personal development opportunities

Reaching Breakthrough Performance

How My Family’s Sailing Competition Can Help You Change Course

Written by Bill Roesch, Elementary Group

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Ex:// Leadership Development Engagement

For team environments we target 1-2 development sessions per month. A typical company with five functional heads (President, Sales, Operations, Marketing, Finance) will complete the process in 6-8 weeks.

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Gaining Perspective on each leader as a whole person through a systematic process that lifts you from the operational vortex to a unique vantage point from which you can make decisions with certainty and clarity.

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You build a customized personal development plan, with detailed action plans, that enable you to create a management and accountability framework for personal goal achievement.

Typical Leadership Development Deliverables

Actionable personal development plan

Leader management dashboard

Talents assessment and definition

Time management system

Selecting accountability partners

Personal values

Individual replenishment cycle strategies

Less uncertainty, confusion and frustration