What happens when a C-level executive figures out why business leaders miss opportunities to succeed? He builds a consulting group to change their fate.

Elementary Group was founded by Bill Roesch, an operations executive who has held positions of CEO, CFO, COO and Controller at several leading companies over his 20-year career. From private equity to real estate, from small businesses to large corporations, Bill saw first-hand that leaders have a distinct common thread: They all want to be more successful in business and in life. The challenge? There’s two. First, that the path to success, by nature, lacks focus. And second, that the plan someone puts together for reaching success rarely gets fully executed.

“Success comes from action. Intentional, manageable action. I unearth the Agent of Action in you, and those around you.”  


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Bill Roesch

Founder & CEO

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MY Mission

To get off the dime and create true success.

My Solution

Become an agent of action.

Bill in 5 Questions

  1. What are the most valuable things you do for a business leader?Eliminate their ambiguity, force clarity and fuse practical strategy with execution.
  2. What is your unique quality versus other consultants?Drinking from the fire hose – getting that information overload – is fun for me, and in some odd way, allows me to see the pathway that leads to success.
  3. What do clients get beyond the obvious?Truth. A strategic operating system that they’ve never seen before.
  4. What is something that your work immediately changes?I eliminate the “That was a waste of a meeting” from a person’s vernacular.
  5. What are some fun facts that many may not know about you?My second triathlon was Ironman Lake Placid. I’m an avid sailor and believe the control you must have over the conditions is a great metaphor for business and life.